Damon: Cruelty to animals disgusts me

Damon: Cruelty to animals disgusts me

Horrifying video shows men violently kicking cat. Damon is not happy.


One of the things in life that absolutely disgusts me is cruelty to animals.

Sickening footage has now surfaced showing a man (if you can even call him that) calmly walking up to a cat and booting it in the face for no reason.

He then casually strolls away... as though nothing has happened.

The cat arrived home with horrific injuries which has sadly left Millie the cat with a suspected broken jaw.

Now the RSPCA is appealing for information from anyone who recognises the suspect, in the hope they can bring this despicable human to book.

South Africans always have lots of family and friends in the UK, so I'm thinking that we share this video with every single person we know?

Who knows, just maybe we can help track down this terrible man.

Warning: Graphic content 

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