Couple charged with injecting children with heroin

Couple charged with injecting children with heroin

A mother of three kids and her boyfriend have been charged with injecting her young children with heroin. 

Heroin Abuse

It breaks my heart to know how many couples can't have children.

What some people put themselves through to have a child is unbelievable and then you get parents who do this to their children!

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I personally know a few people that would love children, but for whatever reason, it's just not going to happen, so when I read about so-called 'parents' that do this to their children, I start questioning why people like this are afforded the opportunity to have children when others who would probably take much better care of them can't.

Three children, aged six, four, and two, were allegedly drugged with what is believed to be heroin.

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The youngsters were told that it was ‘sleeping juice’ and ‘feel good medicine’ after it was injected with a needle.

Rat droppings and dirty needles were found at the home, scratches and bruises on the toddler's body, and now all three children live in foster homes.

The story makes me ill to my stomach...

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