Could this be one of Ellen DeGeneres' best scare pranks ever?

Could this be one of Ellen DeGeneres' best scare pranks ever?

American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson got a chance to face her 'fears' on the recent episode of Ellen!

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If you are a fan of Ellen DeGeneres, you will know that she loves scaring her guests - and some of their reactions are simply priceless. But one of her recent guests on her show got the ultimate fright of her life when she faced her 'fear' head on. 

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Her name is Sarah Paulson and she acts in the seventh season of American Horror Story. The series, AHS:Cult, focuses on her as the main character who has a phobia of clowns (known as Coulrophobia), the fear of tiny holes (known as Trypophobia), and the fear of bees (known as Melissophobia).

In case you haven't seen it, check out the trailer for the series below:

Ellen starts off her scare game lightly by appearing in her dressing room - harmless, right? But she decided to take it up a notch by playing on one of her fears, clowns, to scare the living daylights out of her.

The reaction when Paulson realised what Ellen was up to is simply priceless! Hilarious! 

Do you have a strange fear? If so - what is it? Share with us in the comments section below:

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