Boy suspended for having long hair

Boy suspended for having long hair

A boy has been suspended for several weeks from school for refusing to cut his hair. 


So our teenage years are possibly our most defiant years and we tend to find every possible way to go against the rules.

A 17 year old boy from Bryanston High School in Gauteng has been suspended from school for the third time for having “long” hair.

This young man decided that after reading the schools’ act, the constitution and the bill of rights, he would no longer cut his hair.

According to the rule book of Bryanston High, there are hair regulations for both girls and boys.

A boy’s hair may not touch any part of their ears; or have the hair at the back of their head hang onto the collar or curl around their necks or ears.

So far, the boy has in total, missed 3 weeks of school and 5 cycle tests.

I wonder how long he’ll be off of school for. He reminded me of this song by India Arie. 

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