Books feed minds: This 10-year-old author has an appetite for words of wisdom

Books feed minds: This 10-year-old author has an appetite for words of wisdom

One of South Africa’s youngest authors is rewriting the future of our health.

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Relebogile Mothema’s imagination runs wild. With a hunger for books and a critical eye on the world, the 10-year-old is eager to inspire children around her. “We are more aware than adults give us credit for,” Mothema says. Yet despite their keen sense of perception, South African pupils still struggle with literacy and learning. “It makes me sad that so many children don’t know how to read,” Mothema says. By contrast, she’s already a published author. 

Mothema’s book, Bizzarcar, follows two characters who are bullied because of their weight. Eventually, they work their way towards fitness, healthy eating, and happier lives. “There are children with diseases, diabetes,” Mothema says. “Taking care of yourself isn’t a boring job.” She’s using her words to sway kids towards wholesome lifestyles. “It is important for people to be aware of what they do, what they take in, and how they treat people,” Mothema says.

Today, she stands among the youngest writers in the country. Mothema’s colourful drawings illustrate the level of detail she has devoted to this project. Her book feeds both the minds and bodies of children in South Africa. By improving their literacy skills, kids like Mothema have the ability to empower each other. “If more children learn how to read, we can make the world a better place,” she says.  

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