AEWON Wolf: "For me success is being happy"

Aewon Wolf: "For me success is being happy"

Listen to Thandolwethu's full interview with Aewon Wolf as he opens up about his much-anticipated comeback into the music industry.


Arnold Phillips, better known by his stage name Aewon Wolf, is a South African artist, singer, director, and songwriter born in Durban. He sat down with our beloved Thandolwethu for a chat.

The Durban-based star opened up about why he has decided to come back to the music industry. He seems to have a different outlook on life, as he spoke a lot about how he is seeking peace going forward with everything he's doing in his life. 

The musician said he's back, he shared his views on the feedback he's been getting from his fans which he deemed as positive. He also mentioned that he has been doing a lot of guest appearances on other musicians' projects. 

The rapper said he's no longer allowing the social media world to impact the way he leads his life when sharing his different outlook on life. If you need to gain insight into who Aewon Wolf is, the type of artist he is, watch the 'COOL KIDS' video below:

Listen to the full interview below:

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