Exclusive: Survivor South Africa’s Nathan Castle opens up about his unexpected exit

Exclusive: Survivor South Africa’s Nathan Castle opens up about his unexpected exit

Terence Pillay catches up with Nathan Castle after his epic blindside on 'Survivor South Africa' last week.

Nathan Castle
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When MNet first previewed episode one of 'Survivor South Africa' to a select group of media earlier this year, Nathan Castle emerged as a firm favourite even though it was still early days. The 25-year-old confirmed his popularity among audiences who reacted quite strongly to his unexpected departure from the show this past week in a blindside that fans will remember for a long time.

The former law student with his six-pack and tattoos crept into everyone’s heart because of his sensitive nature. As such he was part of many of the season’s most tender and emotional moments. He shed tears trying to get Rob to vote him out because of the injury to his leg; he bawled at the Island of Secrets, but still offered Nicole his part of the Immunity Idol to keep her safe; he protected Seipei from getting voted off; he secretly created game plans with Rob while they were sitting out at a game, and he howled when he cut his hand while chopping a coconut.

Terence and nathan castle

Off-screen, Nathan is a quiet homebody who prefers a braai with family or game night with friends rather than clubbing or bar-hopping. He currently straddles a few careers not least of which involve being a partner in a post-production video and audio facility house, modelling and being an all-around health nut.

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