Dynamite Devi Sankaree Govender leaves Carte Blanche

Dynamite Devi Sankaree Govender leaves Carte Blanche

Devi Sankaree Govender is without a doubt one of the most iconic television personalities in the country. Terence Pillay reminisces with her about nearly two decades of award-winning journalism.

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After eighteen years of chasing crooks, delving deep into current affairs, and unearthing the truth about the world we live in with vigour and determination, esteemed investigative journalist Devi Sankaree Govender has decided to explore new career opportunities.

Devi made her final appearance on M-Net’s multiple award-winning and longest-running show 'Carte Blanche' on Sunday, 26 January. In addition to its usual news and human interest stories, 'Carte Blanche' also celebrated her immense contribution to the show during this broadcast. 

'Carte Blanche' has been engrained in Devi’s DNA since she watched its very first episode in 1988. Growing up in the small town of Umzinto in KZN, the show resonated so strongly with the then 15-year-old Devi that she proudly pronounced to her family that she would one day be part of the 'Carte Blanche' team. 

With an inherent need for justice running through her veins, Devi never shied away from turning on the heat during interviews, whether they involved dodgy pool guys, CEOs of JSE listed companies, or government ministers. 

“Working on 'Carte Blanche' has been one of the greatest privileges of my life,” says Devi, who nabbed several prestigious awards over the years. “It led me into the hearts, minds and homes of our people. It allowed me to ask tough questions in my own, straightforward style and I worked with the best in the business – individuals who are passionate about the show and our country and who often put their lives on the line to give our viewers the right to see it all. My fondest memories of the show will always be tied to pinning down the bad guys. That’s what I do best. But I also loved the celebrity interviews. Lionel Richie brought out the 80s schoolgirl in me when I got to show off my toneless singing voice.”

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