Devi is back on the box

Devi is back on the box

When Devi Sankaree Govender left Carte Blanche after 18 years in January this year, she promised to give us the low down on her new TV venture as soon as she could. Terence Pillay talks to the fearless television journalist about her new show, Devi. 


Devi Sankaree Govender is the personification of the old adage “dynamite in a small package” She has over 27 years of bold and courageous reporting under her belt and has now landed her own show aptly titled Devi, airing Friday nights on both and eNCA.

Using her trademark unique sense of humour and straight-talking approach, Devi will continue to fight the good fight while taking viewers into the lives of a range of extraordinary guests.

I caught up with her after she wrapped the first episode of the show and even though she’s only one episode in, she’s already making waves, instilling fear in scamsters and crooks trying to “pull as fast one” on poor, unsuspecting consumers.

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