Deon Meyer - The man behind the author

Deon Meyer - The man behind the author

In an exclusive one-on-one, Terence Pillay chats to multi award-winning author Deon Meyer.

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One of the most anticipated TV shows in a long time is set to premiere next week on MNet. You might recall my exclusive interview with Ed Stoppard earlier this year in which he threw forward to a huge international series he was shooting in Cape Town. Well, that show is set to debut on 27 October and is called 'Trackers', based on the book of the same name by acclaimed South African author Deon Meyer.

Télérama, France said of Trackers: “A novel built like a puzzle, which will leave you breathless. Meyer tracks his prey without ever letting it go, until the last page.” Now this book, like many of Meyer’s others, is set to come to life on our small screens.

A co-production with the UK's Three River Studio and SA's Scene 23, the riveting 'Trackers' series will be broadcast in Europe, North America, and other markets in 2020.

Deon Meyer is a South African crime fiction author and screenwriter. His books are translated into 27 languages world-wide.

A former journalist, advertising copywriter, Internet manager, and brand strategist, Deon has published thirteen novels and two short story collections. His books have been published in more than 40 countries world-wide, and one (Dead Before Dying) was turned into the international TV series 'Cape Town'.

He has also written two series for television, and four screenplays for feature films, and has produced and directed movies in his native Afrikaans.

This week I got an exclusive one-on-one with the critically-acclaimed author.

'Trackers' airs on MNet 101 on Sundays, with the premiere on 27 October 2019.

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