WATCH: Welcome to the Circle of Influence podcast with Tee Xaba

WATCH: Welcome to the Circle of Influence podcast with Tee Xaba

Social constructs, stereotypes about influencers, content creation and tackling online trolls. This three-part podcast series covers it all! 

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Let's face it, the past two years have been an emotional rollercoaster! We've been alone, isolated and just trying to keep it together. The struggle has been real and that's why ECR have decided to focus on YOU this Women's Month. 

LISTEN: "When we arrived back in SA we realised how much this means to our country!" - Thina Sonke Mbuli

In the spirit of getting back to normal, we came up with the theme of; 'Let's Keep The Circle Open,'  where we want you to reach out and invite other women into your circle because together we can achieve so much more. 

In keeping with the theme, Tee Xaba reached out to some of the biggest influencers in KZN. 

Shan FourieLindiwe DubeAndi Mbhele and Valencia Naidoo joined Tee to chat about unpacking social constructs, stereotypes about influencers, content creation and tackling online trolls and cyberbullies. 

This three-part podcast series will leave you in stitches, in tears and the bravery it really takes to "put yourself out there". It's so easy to forget that we are all human and we all have flaws - and so often there are people ready to highlight them.

In episode one, this incredible group of women tackle what being an influencer entails and whether there's equal representation within the influencer community - especially in Durban. 

Is the circle really open? 

This is such an important conversation and we found the information so valuable. 

Watch the video podcast series to find out more about what life is really like in a day of an influencer:

Below is an episodic breakdown of the Circle of Influence with Tee Xaba podcast:



In this episode, the ladies explore how the influences try to make social media a safe place, trolls, and their personal experiences of dealing with the dark side of social media.


In this episode, together with Shan Fourie, Lindiwe Dube, Andi Mbhele and Valencia Naidoo, Tee Xaba discussed how they try to consume social media positively.

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