Skincare tips and where to find cruelty-free beauty products #SelfCareSundays

Skincare tips and where to find cruelty-free beauty products #SelfCareSundays

Tee Xaba caught up with Sinead Martin on her weekly  #SelfCareSundays to find out more about skincare and the sourcing of cruelty-free beauty products.

Sinead Martin/Glosspel

Do you have a skin care routine? Are you an activist for cruelty-free products?

Sinead Martin is the owner of Glosspell. Glosspel is a cruelty-free beauty box service and each month they pick 5 of their favourite beauty products to highlight. The products range from body, skin, make-up, and more, and all the products they review are cruelty-free

The products reviewed are then boxed as a collective set and are sold as Glosspel Beauty Boxes.

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Glosspel Beauty Boxes help locals discover cruelty-free beauty brands and products to love.


Listen to the full conversation below to find out more about Sinead, Glosspel, and get your skincare tips..

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Sinead Martin is an editor, copywriter, content creator, stylist, digital marketing strategist, social media manager, side hustler, and extraordinary human being. 

For more information, contact/follow them on social media.

Instagram: @thisisglosspel
Facebook: Sinead Martin
Twitter: @SineadMartin

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