Women rally to take on Twitter man's 'compliment-shaming'

Women rally to take on Twitter man's 'compliment-shaming'

Women complimenting each other is a major offence - according to one male user...

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What does a woman do when a man says he is tired of seeing "girls" complimenting each other on social media? You flood his timeline with more compliments about your fellow sisters!

A very "brave" man named Lewis took to Twitter to complain about the opposite sex commenting on each other's pictures. 

"Sick of going through Insta and seeing girls commenting on other girls pictures 'look at u!! and 'have you seen yourself’ grow up man you don't even know each other," he wrote. 

Women did not take the criticism lying down and decided to annoy the man in the best way possible - by posting more sweet comments about other women. 

"Ya lipgloss is poppin sis," one Twitter user wrote about another woman. 

Another added: "So I’m going to need all of you to slide in my DMs with your skincare regimen. You’re all GORGEOUS. Thank you!" 

A third posted: "Rebecca your avi makes my heart happy, I can’t stand how cute you are."

It came as no surprise to, well, no-one that Lewis soon deleted his post, but the compliments kept rolling. 

One Twitter user summed up the man in one tweet: "I’m Lewis and I get mad at women being nice to each other."

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