Woman's passport photo looks nothing like her and it's hilarious!

Woman's passport photo looks nothing like her and it's hilarious!

Everyone hates how they look in their ID or passport photo, but this woman's photo has to be the worst ever?!

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When I look at my ID photo I want to cringe. I look nothing like I do in my photo. In fact, show me someone who is happy with their ID photo?

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When you’re pushed into those tiny booths, not allowed to wear make-up (and you know that I can't do without my red lips!), you can’t smile, and your hair has to be tied neatly back behind your ears! No, I am definitely not about that life!

Well, there’s a photo that Reece Lagunas has shared on social media of how his girlfriend looks nothing like she does in her passport photo. They were deciding to visit Europe and needed to get her passport renewed.

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw how funny she looks! Her whole forehead looks as if it’s been elongated. She looks like one of those creatures from the movie 'Alien' with the big heads. Ha! 

Thankfully she got the photo changed so she doesn't need to worry about airport officials wanting to do a double take when looking at her passport.

The State Department nailed my girlfriend's passport from funny

Do you look anything like you do in your ID photo? Send me a picture of your ID, driver's licence or passport and alongside it place a real photo of you so we can compare.

Drop me a WhatsApp with your pictures on 061 792 9495 and let us all bask in your unfortunate glory together.

And just so you don't feel left out, take a look at mine. My producer, Simon says that a look like a Police Constable.

jane id pic
Jane Linley-Thomas

And then there is this tragic photo of me from way back when. Eek!

JLT Passport
Jane Linley-Thomas

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