How to take a perfect passport photo like Prince

How to take a perfect passport photo like Prince

Prince’s passport photo went viral this week, and with good reason, it’s absolute perfection! 

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The “Purple Rain” singer was feeling his passport picture so much he posted it on social media, and quite frankly nearly broke the internet.

It does not matter how much effort you put into looking good, somehow your passport, ID and driver’s licence photos come out looking like a mugshot.

Check out the tweet that started the craziness:

If you want to look that good, make sure you memorise Prince’s passport photo checklist:

Pout – check

Hair game – check

Eyeliner on fleek– check

Smize (smiling with your eyes) – check


We even found a video of his passport picture preparation.


How we look in passport photos…

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Prince’s passport picture taking skills have given people around the world new hope – it is possible to take the perfect picture!

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