Woman poisons her work colleagues!

Woman poisons her work colleagues!

She must really be unhappy at work?!

Well, you certainly don't have to love who you work with, but this is taking it to the extreme!


This crazy woman obviously had beef with some of her co-workers and took matters into her own hands when she decided to fill the coffee machine with cleaning products, including window spray!


You certainly don't mess with this Betty!


I often think we are so trusting of food and drink in public spaces and who knows what happens behind closed doors at a restaurant?

I once saw a clip taken from a camera in a kitchen where the waiter dropped a hamburger flat onto the floor, like patty down on the communal walkway, and he casually picked it up and placed it back on the roll and delivered it to the table. Nooooooo!


I did my time waiting tables, but I promise I never spat on food or dropped any on the floor on the way.

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