Woman caught on camera hurling racist insults at elderly couple

Woman caught on camera hurling racist insults at elderly couple

How on earth can someone behave like this? Disgusting!

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Racism is not something that should be taken lightly or ignored. And sometimes when you witness racism, you can't help but stand up to it. This was a case for one onlooker on a train who witnessed a racist attack.

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A Canadian woman has upset many after a video of her went viral showing a tirade of racist remarks being thrown at an elderly Filipino couple, who were on a train in Vancouver. 

According to Independent, the woman insisted that the couple were speaking too loudly in their mother tongue, to which they apologised. However, instead of accepting their apology, she lost her cool and starting hurling disgusting remarks at the couple, even asking them to 'go back to the Philippines'.

Passengers were horrified by this behaviour, and one brave woman decided that she needed to stand up against this abuse which was happening before her very eyes.

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The fact that someone can still behave in this manner in 2017 is shocking and surprising. It seems as though there are still many who have no respect for others. Disgusting! 

Warning: This video contains strong language which may upset sensitive viewers.

If you were in this situation, how would you have reacted? Would you have taken a stand against this woman?

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