Why shopping under the influence isn't such a good idea

Why shopping under the influence isn't such a good idea

Some people love drinking, and who doesn't love shopping? But what happens when they happen simultaneously? It could be a recipe for disaster!

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Recently, I chatted to Trend Specialist Chris Reid on #TrendReport about an app that would help you curb drinking and spending - which I must add is a fabulous idea. It could really help curb those bad and impulsive decisions made while under the influence.

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I love shopping and I love a glass of champagne - so both together is a cheery match. I recently went to a golf day auction and the more the wine flowed, the more vocal the bids became. I couldn't help but feel that the whole thing became a bit of a bragging and social standing affair. One guy actually dropped R40,000 on a bottle of wine! Say what?!  

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A friend of mine recently bought a piece at an auction and woke up with a headache and R5000 less - and a new painting that she didn't really like. Talk about impulsive shopping, right?! 

Drinking and shopping can be a risky and dangerous affair. I came across this video of a guy who got drunk, decide to hit the mall, and ended up on the roof of the shopping centre. Perhaps he wanted to live the 'high' life. Insane! 

In other news, there's now a 'booze bangle' which is the perfect gift for someone who loves to drink on the go. This probably isn't the best idea if you love to throw back a good few cocktails

Have you ever purchased anything while under the influence? If so, what did you buy?

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