Which items do you regret NOT buying?

Which items do you regret NOT buying?

One of the most annoying things has got to be saying that you'll come back for something in a store, only to return and it's sold!

What things do you regret NOT buying?

Regret is a word I try and live my life without saying or thinking across the board, including when shopping! 

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I love to shop and don't usually miss a 'must-have', but there is one purchase I missed out on and, man, it still burns. 

Dear friends of ours, Rod and Karen, were selling their gorgeous brown leather couches as they were moving to the UK. The couches were comfy and great to look at, but over and above that these housed many South African artists who chilled on them. You see our friends used to own a live music venue so as you can imagine it was so steeped in musical conversation.  

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Sadly, at the time, we just didn't have the cash to buy them and had to let it go. I just hope wherever these couches are, they are loved. 

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Is there anything you wish you had just bought at the time - be it a shoe or piece of art (a shoe is a piece of art after all)? Let me know.

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