The weirdest device to help keep your calls private
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The weirdest device to help keep your calls private

You can now decide who hears your phone conversations by using this device.

hushme device

This has got to be a joke right?

Ever wanted to take a call in public but didn’t know how to answer it without being overheard? Well this device called ‘HushMe’ aims to help solve the problem. It is a device which covers your mouth and connects to your phone so no one will be able to hear you talking.

I love how in the promotional video describes the device as stylish! This is such an eyesore, anything but lovely to look at. It actually reminds me of a scene in Pulp Fiction and looks like something the Gimp would wear. 

This concept certainly has a place because we have all been in an enclosed environment where the person next to you talks so loudly that everyone becomes  part of the overshare awkwardness. 

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I was recently a victim where a woman was having a screaming match on the phone with what I only assume was her boyfriend, something to do with how he behaved at a family gathering of some sort. She really had a go at him –screaming and swearing. It was not pretty! She would be the perfect candidate for the ‘HushMe’.

What have you done before to ensure no one hears your phone conversation? Share your comments below:  

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