"We definitely had a solid connection," says DJ Zinhle about her relationship with AKA

"We definitely had a solid connection," says DJ Zinhle about her relationship with AKA

"I won’t lie we were just good together," says DJ Zinhle about her relationship with AKA. This and more on Monday's #HotGoss with Jane. 

DJ Zinhle and AKA/ Instagram
DJ Zinhle and AKA/ Instagram

DJ Zinhle gets candid about AKA

In recent months, rumours have been rife that AKA and DJ Zinhle are back together. The two have put aside their difference and have portrayed a noticeably different connection, and there are countless pictures to prove it. 

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From sweet pics of them hugging to AKA saying that he still loves her because she is the mother of his child


, in an interview with Bongani Mtolo, not forgetting the sweet mother's day message the rapper posted for his baby mama! The two have denied all these claims but we're just happy that they have an amicable relationship for their little girl. 

According to Channel 24, The DJ opened up about her relationship with AKA during an interview on Youtube series PodcastandChill

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Watch the full video below:

It's official! 'Momager' Kris Jenner has a favourite child!

If you thought it was Kim or Kylie, you are wrong! Today's child of the day is supermodel, Kylie Jenner. 

In a game of 'burning question' on the 'Ellen Degeneres Show,' the Kardashian matriarch had to pick her favourite child on the spot, her response was: "Kylie, however it's always different."

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Could Nasty C be Boity's ghostwriter?

Since the launch of Boity's debut single, there has been lots of speculation about who is writing for her and Zalebs think they may have found the answer. 

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According to the publication, on SABC 3's 'WTF Tumi', Nasty C indirectly signalled that he might have written the song, 'Wuz Dat'.

Either way, her song is great, so we're not the least bit upset. 

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