#WaterMelonDress has become Instagram's juiciest craze
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#WaterMelonDress has become Instagram's juiciest craze

This latest craze takes 'haute and juicy' couture to the next level.

watermelon dresses

I love this! Talk about a fresh and juicy way to dress.

Online trends have the ability to influence the way in which people eat, clean, and even dress. Many people sit for hours online trying to keep up to date with the latest trends.

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Personally, I absolutely adore online trends. Yes, some of them are completely outrageous and out of the box - remember that pom pom beauty trend I was talking about a few weeks back? Crazy! However, as random as these trends may seem, most of them are just good, clean fun!

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I love a piece of watermelon and have been known to make a killer watermelon, feta, and rocket salad, but I never thought of 'wearing' the fruit?!

This latest Instagram trend has everyone out and about trying to master the perfect pose. Okay, so although it's a bit of an optical illusion, it looks absolutely cool and so pretty! 

Guess who's going watermelon shopping today?

Juhannusmekko 🍉 #watermelondress #dressup #juhannus #midsummer #friends #finland #fashionistas

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My summer just started! 💃☀☀🎉😌 #watermelondress #suchgirl

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#SummerReady 🍉 #watermelondress #scarmar is ready for #mdw2017 😎☀️#spectacularkidz #thebump #watermelon #kristilaurenphotography

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@emmaleebunton trying out the watermelon dress craze! 🍉 Water cutey (@jamie.theakstons joke..!)

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