WATCH: Woman jumps on car bonnet to fight off hijackers

WATCH: Woman jumps on car bonnet to fight off hijackers

Although this may not have been the safest thing to do, this woman was going to stop at nothing to fight off these thieves!

woman jumps on hood of car

Listen below as Jane talks about what one woman does when hijackers try and steal her car, then read more below:

I'm not sure if this lady is considered brave or silly?! 

CCTV footage has captured a woman from Milwaukee, USA fighting off thieves attempting to hijack her car. She was at a fuel station filling up with petrol when two guys pulled up next to her and climbed into her car. Within seconds, she jumped onto the bonnet of the car to stop them from getting away. 

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She scaled the windscreen, hanging on as the car jars towards the road. The hijacker eventually jumped out of the car and left it rolling towards oncoming traffic. Don't mess with this lady!

I think her reaction was a knee-jerk one and when watching this over she probably doesn't remember the moment with much clarity.

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In this day and age where criminals deem life as disposable, I would never take the chance with my life over my car - as much as I love my wheels.

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