Waiter feeds sick child, is lauded

Waiter feeds sick child, is lauded

This waiter’s small gesture really made a huge impact on this family.  


A family had a really rough day recently after finding out that their four-month-old baby tested positive for E.coli.


The family headed to a local restaurant to get a bite to eat when the mom, Dallas French’s day just got worse.


"I was trying to make a bottle and spilled it all over me and the floor," she wrote in a Facebook post. "Our waiter (wish I knew his name) watched all that had happened and just had brought our salad and bread sticks."


The waiter, Rob, could clearly see that this family needed some help and offered to feed their baby so that they could also get a chance to enjoy their meal.


I love stories of love and compassion.


Good on this fella for getting involved and helping this mama bear out.


This guy’s parents must be so proud of him. In a world where you can be anything, be kind.


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