Video of TNS being bullied goes viral on social media

Video of TNS being bullied goes viral on social media

When you are a celebrity, people tend to have opinions about your life - and sometimes those opinions come out in a very public way.


Nkazimulo Ngema, known as TNS, is no stranger to the music scene, with 'Unomona' his most well known track.

However, things are not so rosy for the musician at the moment. 

The Kwa-Zulu Natal-born musician is being attacked on social media for not renovating his family home. He's being accused of buying a car first instead of fixing his family home. Some have even accused him of not having his priorities straight in life. Period.

A video of TNS being verbally attacked has gone viral! From what we could observe in the video, these men saw him driving somewhere in Durban and decided to let him know how they felt about his recent purchase.

In the video, the men are standing around his car, asking him why has he not plastered his family home. The men continue to say "the house is falling apart".

Before the men could get another word in, the house musician drives away.

Watch the video now: 

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