Video of Sand Boa snake giving birth is incredible

Video of Sand Boa snake giving birth is incredible

Snakes only lay eggs, right? Well, this video will show you otherwise.

snake gives birth

In the last few months, we have seen quite a few videos online about snakes. From kids playing tug-of-war with snakes to finding pythons in the ceilings of homes - it seems as though the internet can't seem to get enough of the slithery creatures.

Were you someone that thought that snakes only lay eggs? Well, this video, which has gone viral, has many saying that their life was a lie after watching it. According to National Geographic, it is said that only 70% of snakes lay eggs and others give birth to live young.

This footage, which was uploaded by Reptile Collective, shows a sand boa snake giving birth to six babies. It is reported that these snakes can give birth to up to 32 babies. People on social media were shocked, as many thought that snakes only laid eggs. Wrong!

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Although the video is a bit gruesome to watch, it just shows that the miracle of birth is something to be admired.

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