#UnpopularOpinion: "Never date a person who's a Libra!"

#UnpopularOpinion: "Never date a person who's a Libra!"

This week's #UnpopularOpinion struck a chord with Stacey Norman. 

Astrology and star signs / iStock
Astrology and star signs / iStock

Listen to this week's #UnpopularOpinion, or read below:

Every week, we receive a #UnpopularOpinion from a listener who shares their thoughts with us on a topic that not everyone may agree on. 

This week, Vukile felt moved to share his opinion on why people should never date Libra's - and he proceeded to tell us what's so wrong with this particular star sign. 

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Stacey was triggered as she is a Libra and naturally felt that she had to cancel anyone (including poor Vukile) for his thoughts on this topic. 

This sparked a conversation about which star sign is the worst to date, and the team got KZN to weigh in. 

Listen to the podcast to find out more. 

Which is the worst star sign to date? Vote and let us know in the poll. 

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