#UnpopularOpinion: Husband tells wife he wants her to take a second husband

#UnpopularOpinion: Husband tells wife he wants her to take a second husband

A listnener wrote in to share their thoughts on why women should have more than one husband.

Bride in wedding dress / Pexels
Bride in wedding dress / Pexels

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Hi Stacey

I think women should be allowed to marry more than one man. First of all, it would be great for equality cause a lot of men have more than one wife. 

But more importantly women can multi-task better than men, so managing multiple marriages and homes will not be a problem for them.

I also feel like if a woman has more than one husband she will never run out of people to share her affection with.  If one guy is not giving her what she needs that day she can go to her other husband without having to worry or cheating.

It would also put a lot less pressure on men cause they will share the bills and costs with another guy. 

Also women have a lot of responsibility and it would be a practical solution for a woman to have more than one man to help take the load off her.

Mike in Newlands East.

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