#TrendReport: Fashion that lets kids be kids

#TrendReport: Fashion that lets kids be kids

Gender neutral fashion has had a lot of press recently, but most of it is about progressive style for adults. But one US brand is getting positive press by applying the same trend to a range for a significantly younger customer.

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Toca Boca is a popular manufacturer of digital toys for kids and they’ve made foray into fashion with a new range of clothes for kids - with no prescription on which sex should wear what. 

And they’re debuting at Target, a US-based retailer that was a surprisingly early adopter of the gender-neutral trend when they desegregated their toy aisles a few years ago. They decided to group items by type rather than gender, and doing the same in fashion is a logical step.  

As Chris Reid, trend researcher at the International Trend Institute explained when he chatted about it to Jane Linley-Thomas this week, it’s not just a step forward for kids’ fashion, it also says a lot about how trends can be made relevant and not just superficial too: 

Listen to the details below. 

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