#TrendReport: Basics on demand
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#TrendReport: Basics on demand

Subscription services and the colour black are in the spotlight in this week's #TrendReport with Trend Specialist, Christopher Reid. 

LOT2046 black clothes

Subscription services are nothing new - whatever you’re interested in you can find somewhere online to get it sent to you in the post every few months.

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One company has found a way to tap into a very specific fashion niche while doing just that.

LOT is a fashion subscription service that operates monthly. But rather than curating all kinds of different items, their focus is on all things black. Black basics and accessories are gathered together and shipped to subscribers to keep their own all-black wardrobes up to day.  

But as Chris Reid, Trend Researcher at the International Trend Institute, explained in his recent conversation with Jane Linley-Thomas, it’s not just what they send that’s interesting, it’s the way they’ve reviewed clothing as an item altogether.

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