Trend Report: Adding some magic to story time
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Trend Report: Adding some magic to story time

Augmented reality has been a trend to follow for a while. It’s when digital information is overlaid onto the physical world using technology, and designers are using it a lot more at the moment to add depth to the world we live in.

castorama wallpaper

So far, we’ve seen loads of designers do things like make interactive magazine covers that you scan using your smartphone, and even develop custom pieces of hardware for it, like the ill-fated Google Glass. So far, the best uses for augmented reality seem to centre around bringing 2D content to life in novel ways. 

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One French DIY retailer, Castorama, decided to use the technology when they designed their new range of “Magic Wallpaper”

As Chris Reid, trend researcher with the International Trend Institute, discussed with Jane, it’s being used to make storytelling a whole lot more interesting. 

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