Traveling with infants: Should there be an age limit in place?
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Traveling with infants: Should there be an age limit in place?

A new mom and KZN listener asked for Jane's help. She took her three-week-old baby on a flight, and it was nothing short of unpleasant for her and those on board.

Taking baby on a flight
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KZN and Jane weigh in on whether or not an age limit should be set for children traveling by plane;

*Michelle took her newborn baby of only three weeks on a flight. Her baby was crying non-stop, and everyone on the plane was staring at her. She overheard multiple people talking about how annoying the baby's cries were. 

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She left the flight feeling upset and sorry for her fellow passengers. She approached me for advice. 

I feel for moms who have a screaming kid on a plane; you can feel the eye blinks lingering and tension rise with every howl or screech. Yes, I know it's not pleasant for anyone, including us moms.

When Cooper was tiny, we went to Johannesburg and other than vomiting on some poor guy's phone as we passed, he was as good as gold. The twins have traveled one at a time as the thought and cost of three kids on a plane isn't pleasant.

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There is a difference also between a kid who has been given boundaries, one who is running wild, and a kid who has sore ears and is unable to be calmed.

Children are unpredictable, but whichever way your journey goes remember, it's only temporary, and you will reach your destination soon with tons of experience for your next trip. 

Should there be an age restriction when it comes to newborns on a flight? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below. 

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