Toe-tally insane! Big toe shoes have apparently become a thing in fashion

Toe-tally insane! Big toe shoes have apparently become a thing in fashion

Another day in fashion and a bizarre new form of shoe has been doing the rounds. Stacey is not sure how to feel about it all...

Big Toe Shoe trend / Instagram
Big Toe Shoe trend / Instagram

I'm just finished with these fashion trends. 

Just the other day I saw clear plastic shorts for men doing the rounds and the only question is, WHY?! I just don't know about fashion anymore. I'm all about fashion and stay on-trend, but sometimes we just take it a bit too far.

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Case in point below:

Okay, put those out of your mind and now let's talk shoes. Trust and believe I love me a good shoe. Like any girl, I have a shoe cupboard which is my personal haven, and, of course, with the rise of online shopping, it's becoming easier to spoil myself. 

Then I saw these shoes, which have me feeling a bit uncertain. Do you know those peep toe shoes? Well, this shoe is turning things on its head. It's a big toe peep shoe which basically leaves only your big toe exposed while the others are covered up. 

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Are people actually considering this? I have so many other thoughts, but my mind is still a bit fuzzy after seeing this. I sure as hell don't want any focus to be on my big toe. Eyes up and focus on how I slay. That's it! 

Check it out:

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