These doughnuts have sent social media into a frenzy!

These doughnuts have sent social media into a frenzy!

Everyone loves glazed doughnuts, but these pictures will make you do a double take after looking at them.

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Everyone loves a good doughnut. Either with sprinkles or just glazed, there's nothing that beats the sweet, delicious taste of fried dough. Yum!

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However, I came across this picture on Twitter and the first thought that went through my mind was "yikes". The photo was uploaded by Twitter user @beatriizz and has left many a bit confused after seeing it. You probably wouldn't want to take a bite into this 'treat'?

I'm not sure who first looked at this picture and saw doughnuts. In a heartbeat, I saw the slithery appearance and my brain said "snake alert, snake alert".

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Just last week my boy celebrated his birthday with a visit from snake enthusiast Nick Evans. He arrived with a car full of snakes in different bags and containers.

I nearly flipped when a child gave me a fabric bag to hold. I thought it was a present for my boy and was about to place it on the pile of presents, to be told it was indeed a snake bag. That definitely would be a huge surprise if someone had to open it. I guess different strokes for different folks, hey?

Eek! Terrifying! 

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