The 'floor is lava' challenge from your childhood is back

The 'floor is lava' challenge from your childhood is back

This childhood past time is back and people across the globe are playing it. Are you brave enough to take up the challenge?

floor is lava

Every day we see ridiculous trends go viral, they come and go. Some are silly, but man some are downright outrageous. I mean how amusing was the whole planking trend? 

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People everywhere on social media are losing it after seeing this childhood game come back to life. Yes, the 'floor is lava' challenge has hit adults everywhere and they are jumping on the trend to give it a go. If you don't know about the challenge, as soon as someone says "the floor is lava" you basically have five seconds to jump to safety before the floor 'consumes you'.

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I love trends and I like being silly, so this challenge is right up my alley. The first person that came to mind when watching this was my dear friend and prankster East Coast Breakfast host Darren Maule. Maybe I will challenge him and see if he takes it on. Knowing Darren, his attempt is bound to be hilarious!

Think you can take up the challenge?

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