Ten-year-old boy invents a device to help prevent hot car deaths

Ten-year-old boy invents a device to help prevent hot car deaths

While other kids are out playing, this little kid spent his time creating something that will save lives.

10 year old hot car deaths

When I was ten (not that I can honestly remember that far back), I assume I spent my time playing with friends, collecting stickers, stationary, and focusing on the light side of life?

But not all children are made the same.

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Hot car deaths are a tragic but very real thing. They happen around the world - even in South Africa. Hot car deaths occur when a child is locked in a car in extreme heat that penetrates the vehicle, causing heat strokes.

When ten-year-old Bishop Curry heard that his six-month-old neighbour died while in a hot car, he knew that he needed to do something to prevent it from happening again. He decided that he would spend his time devising a product to help prevent the actions of irresponsible parents who leave their kids in hot cars. Who would ever leave such precious things in a locked car anyway?

This nifty little prototype, called 'The Oasis', is so clever and could save the lives of a beloved child or pet left in the car. The device works to push out cool air and even alerts parents when temperatures rise in vehicles.

Bishop has raised over $20,000 with the help of a funding account and plans to manufacture the device and even get a patent for it. What an amazing child! Can you believe that he's just 10?

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