Study finds that most parents do have a favourite child

Study finds that most parents do have a favourite child

Most parents will try and deny it, but could it be possible that you secretly have a favourite among your children?

White lies you tell your children

I can't imagine having one favourite child among my smalls. 

When I had Cooper, I experienced love that I never knew existed - intoxicating! Then I found out that I was pregnant with twins, and I sobbed with emotion. I kept thinking 'how will I love them all the same?'. Would there ever be enough love to go around?

According to a study reported by Independent, 70% of moms and 74% of dads have openly admitted that they have a favourite among their kids. The research was conducted at the University of California, and 768 people were surveyed. What’s even more interesting is that one of the findings found that the eldest is normally the favourite. 

It’s amazing that over time, the love for each of my kids has grown and evolved into their own unique type of love, but the love is as deep from one to another.

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It must be so hard for a kid not feeling as loved as a sibling - to play second fiddle. I do think that sometimes it might be difficult for parents whose child makes it difficult for them to love. So if kids choose not to stay within the boundaries, it must be difficult to love that kind of behaviour. When my kids step out of line, I say that 'I love you, but I don’t particularly love the way you behave at times'.

I received a voice note from a KZN listener openly admitting that she has a favourite child.

Parents, are you brave enough to admit that you have a favourite child? If you have a sibling, do you feel that they are loved more than you?

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