The Stacey Norman Show: Confessions of radio listener stager

The Stacey Norman Show: Confessions of a radio listener

Drunk texting was the topic of discussion on Friday as we dove into the confessions of radio listeners.


Have you ever found yourself after a long night out with your cellphone in hand, unaware as to what you just did?

Well, drunk dialing is real, guys. If it has not happened to you, it has probably happened to someone you know. The sad part is you cannot undo the texts you've sent or calls you've made whilst drunk, the only thing you can do is try and explain it to whomever you contacted.

Based on a recent study of 443 individuals who were about 20 years of age, they identified five motives for drunk dialing behavior.

  • Social lubricant: Essentially, this motive means people drunk dial because they have more confidence
  • Entertainment: Participants engage in cellphone use while intoxicated because they thought it was funny
  • Co-ordination: Calls are made to meet up or make plans with others, or see what others were doing
  • Sexuality: Describes calls made to initiate hookups
  • Confessions: Tell a friend that they like him or her

Our KZN listeners had so much to add regarding our topic of discussion and teaser question, which was: "What happened when you drunk dialed/called someone".

Listen to what they had to say:

Our Facebook fans also weighed in:

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