South Africa has a lot to say about #SchoolReopening!

South Africa has a lot to say about #SchoolReopening!

A lot of parents are in a panic and some are very unsure about sending their kids back to school next week. 

Reopening of schools
Screenshot/ Bored Panda: Reopening of school

On Friday, some parents were really unhappy about the fact that schools were reopening from the 1st of June 2020.

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It's been a while since children were in their school uniform. 

Some parents can't wait for their kids to go - "Schools must open as like yesterday. These kids are busy roaming around the streets, they are busy having affairs during the pandemic, they always visit each other. They must rather risk by doing something good for their careers. #schoolreopening"

While others are not sure about this decision of having schools reopen - "I think the president have finally reached that point where of.... "if they die, they die!" #schoolreopening"

With all this happening, we are sure that the President has made sure that all schools will be taking precautions and kids will be safe during school, right?

Read what social media has been saying about #SchoolReopening. 

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