Smells like nostalgia: Do smells illicit certain memories for you?

Smells like nostalgia: Do smells illicit certain memories for you?

It's strange how some smells can take you deep down memory lane, with some reminding you of home and others leaving a rumble in your belly that you wish you could forget.

Smells that elicit feelings

Isn't it amazing how smells can conjure up memories? 

The smell of cupcakes can take you back to a time when your mom used to bake you special treats. Rubbing ointment on your body can remind you of someone that has passed. Castor oil, for many, reminds them of running away from their mother ahead of that dreaded yearly cleanse. Sometimes I find myself wondering how a smell can take me back in time? 

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Over the weekend, I used surgical spirits for the first time in many, many years, and as soon as that cool liquid hit my earlobe, my nose filled up with that distinctive smell and I was taken back to having my ears pierced back in the 90s in a small little jewelry shop in PMB.

That smell brought back memories I hadn't visited in years.

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By the way, there is a name for those feelings you get - odor-evoked autobiographical memory.

Do you have a particular smell that immediately takes you to a moment etched in your memory? I would love to know.

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