Red Frogs South Africa volunteers to help out at Splashy Fen

Red Frogs South Africa volunteers to help out at Splashy Fen

Splashy Fen is a few days away but with the excitement comes security and safety. This bunch of Red Frogs will be at the festival providing a positive presence. 

Splashy Fen

Looking forward to Splashy Fen this year? Well, listen to Jane sit down with Sarah from the Red Frogs, an organisation that helps those that are having a little too much fun get back on their feet.

Splashy Fen is four sleeps away and we know if you're attending, the excitement is mounting. Just know I'm counting down with you, it's going to be epic. I can just feel it! 

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With all the fun comes your safety and especially those of the younger crowd, and that's where the Red Frogs come in. This group of volunteers' main mission is to: 

The work the Red Frogs do is incredible and I can't but wish that they had been around when I was a young festivalgoer, a friendly, helpful face in the crowd - what a gift!

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The Red Frogs is a support network for university students and school-leavers run by volunteers known as the 'Red Frogs Crew'. The organisation encourages South African youth to join the movement, creating a positive environment for them to work in during their free time. 

As a mom of three one-day partygoers, I am so grateful at the thought of these volunteers keeping an eye out. 

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One can only imagine how many emails they must receive from thankful moms and dads.

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