Generations actress Sophie Ndaba talks about her dramatic weight loss

Generations actress Sophie Ndaba talks about her dramatic weight loss

On Monday's #HotGoss with Jane, a South African celeb talks openly about her weight loss, Kanye West changes his name, and Kevin Hart praises his wife for sticking with him. 

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Sophia Ndaba lost a dramatic amount of weight / Instagram

Sophie Ndaba speaks up about her weight loss

You may remember Sophie Ndaba as Queen from the popular TV soap, Generations.

Over the years, she has struggled with her weight and now, for the first time, she has spoken about her weight loss transformation. 

ZAlebs reports that Ndaba struggled with diabetes, and even lost her parents to the disease. She took to her Instagram page recently to share a message with her fans who were concerned about her weight loss.

"Living with Diabetes doesn't mean my life must stop. It means I will fight to live and encourage those who already are suffering from this deadly disease. Help others prevent it. I started my weight loss journey because I was Obese and it affected my health. I made a confident choice to start eating well and loose (sic) weight," she said. 

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She ended the post by positively adding that nothing or no one is going to stand in her way of living a good, healthy life. 

"I'm an ambassador for those of us suffering from Diabetes. And those who are Obese but too scared to fight. I will never hide for anyone. Life too precious!" said Ndaba. 

We're so proud of Queen and how far she's come. Take a look at what she used to look like below:

Here's what she looks like these days:

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Kanye West changes his name 

Kanye West shocked many around the world when he recently announced that he will be changing his name to 'Ye'. 

It is reported that the announcement was made prior to his new album,Yandhi, being released. 

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During a recent interview, the 41-year-old spoke about the name Ye by saying: "In the Bible it means 'you.' So I'm you, I'm us. It went from being Kanye, which means the only one, to being just YE - just being a reflection of our good, our bad, our confused, everything. I'm just more a reflection of who we are."

First the Yeezy slides and now this? What in the world is going on with Kanye... oops I mean Ye!

Kevin Hart thanks his wife for standing by him

Kevin Hart is known to many as the funny guy who says and does really stupid things - so granted it probably wasn't a big surprise when rumours surfaced about a cheating scandal involving him last year. 

The star is said to have cheated on his wife Eniko while she was preggers with their son, Kenzo. 

Hart has now told People in an interview how much he loves and respects his wife for standing by him and being his 'backbone'.

“I applaud my wife for just displaying a high level of strength that I can’t even explain. I applaud her for being my backbone, my support system, and more importantly, taking my life to the next level," he said. 

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He also said that the 'tests' their marriage has gone through has made the bond between them stronger. Let's hope it stays that way. 

Kevin is going back to school this year - on the big screen that is. He stars in the recently-released comedy film, Night School, alongside fellow comedian Tiffany Haddish.

Watch the trailer for the movie below:

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