Prince Harry in hot water over his beard
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Prince Harry in hot water over his beard

According to this British Law, Prince Harry's most recent faux pas was not in good taste.

Prince Harry
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Remembrance Day is celebrated on 11 November and marks the day that World War One ended - at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918. The anniversary is used to remember the people who have died in ALL wars, not just World War One. 

On this memorial day, Prince Harry offended the army and public by not shaving his beard before attending the ceremony. Considering that the British Army forbids beards (unless under special circumstances) and that until two years ago the Prince was an active member of the army - one would think he would remember the rules?  

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As you know, I love a ginger and also love a good mango groomed beard on a chap.

I get the whole rules are there to be followed. It was like the length of our fingernails at school, the length of our school skirts or dresses, the right coloured socks - folded in just the right spot, and would you believe, at the school I attended we even had an underwear check every now and then to make sure we were wearing the correct coloured knickers, have you ever!

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Rules are not always fun but I can see why Harry's beard took a little slack. 

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