Prince Harry gives adorable shout-out to Meghan Markle during speech

Prince Harry gives adorable shout-out to Meghan Markle during speech

Push presents, sweet speeches, and perhaps even a celebrity couple getting back together? More on this in today's edition of the 'Hot Goss' with Jane. 

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Prince Harry mentions soon-to-be wife during speech 

With the royal wedding just about a month away, all eyes will be on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they get ready to tie the knot. It seems that Harry is excited about his big day as he sent a very cute shout-out to Meghan during his recent speech at the Commonwealth Youth Forum.

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You know how much I adore this ginger, so watching this makes my heart all mushy! Yay for public declarations of love!

Tristan Thompson gifts Khloe with a push present

Just days after video footage of Tristan Thompson in a cheating scandal made the rounds on social media, it seems that he is now trying to make up for it. Daily Mail reported that he bought a diamond necklace and bracelet for Khloe Kardashian and their newborn daughter valued at a whopping R676,000. Wow! 

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You can give me all the lavish trappings including rainbow diamonds and organic matter, but nothing is more valuable than a sound and trusting relationship. Just the fact that there is speculation of cheating is an issue. I hope that these two go on to have a happy life together because when there is a baby involved, it's no longer a game.

Happy Valentine day my love ❤️😍 Btw I love the curly hair look 😈

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Could The Weeknd and Bella Hadid be getting back together?

It must be hard for celeb couples to see their ex-lovers in articles around the globe, especially when media houses work fast to get out stories.

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Following his break up from American model Bella Hadid back in 2016, it seems that the fences may have been mended. Anonymous sources told PopCrush that the pair were caught smooching at this past weekend's Coachella Festival, with one source insisting that they are back with each other.

I guess only time will tell...  


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