PICS: The most annoying work email phrases ever!

PICS: The most annoying work email phrases ever!

While emails are considered an effective means of communication in the office, sometimes the 'professional' phrases used can have alternative meanings. 

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Listen as KZN shares with Jane what their most annoying email work phrases are:

Did you know that the first email was invented and sent back in 1972? 

Since then, there have been different methods of office communication. Some choose Skype, Facebook, and, more recently, WhatsApp groups - which can get pretty intrusive if you get spammed with random information. 

While emails, like other forms of communication, are quick to send, it gets pretty difficult to read a sender's tone in an email - no matter how hard you try. 

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While people try to keep it professional on email, a perfectly written email can come across as a fight through the keyboards between colleagues. 

Thankfully, the team from 9gag have decoded some of the most popular annoying email phrases, and the interwebs loved it - so much so that it was shared over 200,000 times. 

If you're someone who uses email often, you may want to remember these phrases the next time you receive an email from your colleagues. It's the perfect email guide. 

Check it out below:

We asked Jane about work email phrases that she simply can't stand. 

"For me, 'As per my previous email', 'Noted', and any shorthand slang drives me crazy in an email. Things can get so misunderstood in an email, even when you don't intend for it to come across that way. I rather choose the WhatsApp route. No problems there," she said. 

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Now it's your turn! What’s your most annoying work email phrase ever? Share with us below.

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