Paxton Fielies sings for Sweden's Queen

Paxton Fielies sings for Sweden's Queen

The youngest Idols winner attended the World’s Children’s Prize ceremony in Sweden and entertained the Queen with her angelic voice. 

Paxton sings for the Queen
Instagram - Paxton Fieles

Jane chatted to Paxton Fielies before her performance:

Paxton Fielies was selected as the Foundation’s ambassador for the World's Children's Prize Foundations's new initiative ‘You Me Equal Rights’, aiming at advocating equal rights for both girl and boy children.

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The World's Children's Prize Foundation is known as the Nobel Prize for children, honoring those who have made moves to better the world around them. This year,  nine young musicians from Cape Town, including Paxton - received the WCP Crystal Globe and accepted the honorable mission to act as ambassadors for You Me Equal Rights.

Children from across the globe take part in the voting process which is aimed at educating and supporting children in acting as changemakers, standing up for compassion, the equal worth of every individual, children’s rights, democracy, and sustainable development. This is such a phenomenal movement and I wish all children could get involved. 

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I mean, for children to have the ability to see that they are the change the world needs and that the power is in their hands is incredible.

Last night, the young singer performed for Sweden’s Queen Silvia. Going from the youngest Idols winner to singing for the Queen, I couldn't be more proud of Paxton! Fly that SA flag high, my darling. 

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According to IOL, in July, Fielies is also set to perform at the “White Nights of St. Petersburg”, an annual International Music Festival in Russia. 

Her performance took place last night and the moment I get my hands on it, I will be sure to share. 

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