'One in four South African employees diagnosed with depression'

'One in four South African employees diagnosed with depression'

Mental health issues among employees are on the rise in South Africa. This is why Jane has partnered up with a Psychologist to tackle it head-on with a new kindness initiative. 

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Listen as Psychologist Paul Bushell talks about mental health amongst South African employees, and the exciting new initiative he and Jane are working on. 

An alarming study has been released, courtesy of Huffington Post, which states: "One in four South African employees has been diagnosed with depression and taken more than 18 days off work due to the mental health condition. Most affected are men and women aged between 25 and 44."

Not only does depression affect an employee's mind and well-being, but it also costs organisations millions of Rands a year due to loss of productivity and absenteeism. 

While employee wellness programmes (which usually happen once a year) are designed to facilitate overall positivity among employees, is it truly enough? Sure, checking physical health is important because an unhealthy employee won't able to do their job properly, but what about their mental health? 

It is reported that 40% of work-related illnesses are due to some form of anxiety, depression, or burnout. Employers have a responsibility to ensure their employees can function in a conducive work environment. 

That's why Jane decided to partner up with Psychologist Paul Bushell to start the 'KindnessCan' initiative. According to their website, their programme "takes kindness facilitation and support into the workplace and offers bespoke corporate engagements which speak to employees circumstances."

As the name suggests, the initiative promotes kindness. Both Jane and Paul provide employers with the tools to help change their mindsets by becoming aware of their thoughts and feelings.

"KindnessCan change lives" is a motto that the pair truly believes in. A bit of kindness that an employer shows towards an employee really can go a long way. 

For more information on KindnessCan, visit their website here

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