New breast milk pump advert causes a stir, labelled 'distasteful'

New breast milk pump advert causes a stir, labelled 'distasteful'

Got milk? Many have labelled a breast milk pump advert that's doing the rounds as 'distasteful', with some saying that the ad compares breastfeeding mothers to cows. 

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Breast milk pump ad causes a stir on social media / YouTube

Breastfeeding mums have been in the spotlight for years, with many having differing views on whether moms should breastfeed their kid in public. 

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However, one brand has devised a new breast milk pumping device to help mothers pump milk discreetly. Sounds good, right? Well, the product sounds amazing, but the advert for the new product is receiving backlash from social media, with some branding the ad as 'distasteful'.

The brand is called Elvie, and they describe themselves, according to their Facebook page, as: "A health and lifestyle brand developing smarter technology for women. Its innovative products support and empower women of all ages."

The Elvie Pump is said to be the "World's first silent wearable breast pump", allowing busy moms to express milk wherever they are with no cords. The product is said to be launched in the UK during October.  

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Now back to that ad I was talking about. The ad has a catchy tune with heavy bass, and the lyrics flow, however, many women are concerned that they were being compared to a cow and the breastfeeding to milking a cow.

The song features a group of women dancing in what resembles a very chic barn, with a cow in the background. Here's just some of the lyrics from the song:

I'm a pumper I'm a feeder, but I'm a human female

Yes, I milk myself but you don't see no tail 

So why should I be stuck using big old wires and tubes

In case you haven't noticed these are not udders, they're my boobs 

Watch the advert below:

Following the video, social media users were quick to slam the brand for their 'inappropriate' and 'distasteful' ad.

Here's what some of them had to say:

To be honest, I don't see what the outrage is all about. I find other issues a lot more offensive and distasteful, you just have to listen to the news. 

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Murder, rape, and domestic violence - those are things that really ruffle my feathers. But with regards to this bizarre and cut-through-the-noise type of advert with a catchy tune, well, that doesn't concern me that much. Side note, the pump looks incredible! I could have done with one of them during my child rearing days.

After watching the ad, do you find it distasteful or are people just overreacting? Share your thoughts with me.

Main image courtesy of YouTube/Mirror

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