Neighbour caught in the act following dispute

Neighbour caught in the act following dispute

Arguments between neighbours are not something out of the ordinary, but this neighbour took his revenge to an entirely new level!

Neighbour conflict

According to Metro, after a long-standing dispute, a man set up cameras which happened to catch his neighbour in action - and the results are shocking!

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Dean Lally can be seen walking around a car and smashing each window with a bike lock. To add insult to injury, the gentleman is caught throwing the tool across the lawn and verbally abusing the neighbour. 

The incident resulted in £6,000 (that's a whopping R100k) in damages. Can you ever?!

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Lally was arrested and has to perform community service in addition to paying his neighbour, Dennis Johnson, over £500 (over R9,000) in compensation. 

No matter how bad the situation is, there is no excuse for taking matters into your own hands.

According to Property24, you do have rights against noisy neighbours that are a nuisance, but surely behaving in this manner is a bit OTT, don't you think?

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