Ndlovu Youth Choir own 'America's Got Talent' stage with 'My African Dream' performance

Ndlovu Youth Choir own 'America's Got Talent' stage with 'My African Dream' performance

Spoiler alert: This 'America's Got Talent' performance is going to make you feel oh-so-proud to be South African.

Ndlovu Youth Choir on AGT / YouTube
Ndlovu Youth Choir on AGT / YouTube

It's an incredible sight to witness when our local stars make it big on the international stage - and this week has proved to be one of those weeks. 

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First it was Sho Madjozi who bagged 'Best New International Act' at the 2019 BET Awards - making history as the first female South African artist to do so. 

Now it's the Ndlovu Youth Choir's turn to fly the South African flag high, and boy did they make us proud or what. The Limpopo-based group delivered an incredible performance on a recent 'America's Got Talent' episode, singing Vicky Sampson's hit 'African Dream'.

The eight-minute video showcases some of the kids who emotionally talk about their hard upbringings, as well as the challenges they face on a daily basis. 

All four judges and the audience gave them massive applause and even a standing ovation. 

The group took to their Twitter account to express their excitement about the responses they've received to their video.

"We’re overwhelmed by the response to our @AGT performance. We feel so incredibly grateful to all the amazing people that believe in us and make our dreams a reality. 🙏🏾 #agt #MiraclesHappen @ndlovucaregroup," they said in a Twitter post.

Their performance will leave you with goosebumps and a sense of pride to be South African. Halala!

Watch below:

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